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Boxabl and eBumps Voted Best Pitch by audience of Investors

In front of a live online audience consisting of over 100 active investors, Boxabl and eBumps were voted best pitch in the polls on September 25, 2020 at the Linked Ventures Investor Summit 2020 1.0.

Boxabl is a company based out of Las Vegas, NV. Boxabl is on a mission to significantly lower the cost of homeownership for everyone. Obsessively designed to the highest standards of quality, strength, and sustainability to last for generations.

Their Accessory Dwelling Unit, which comes with a kitchen, bathroom and living area can be delivered to your backyard for just $49,500.

eBumps is a company based out of New York, NY. eBumps is developing a new advertising platform for the 21st century. They provide companies with the opportunity to advertise on a revolutionary platform, unlocking location-based advertising in the real world like never before.

By offering space on their eBump to advertisers, drivers can get paid for the driving they already do, while supporting brands and missions they believe in.

Congratulations Boxabl and eBumps. We look forward to seeing you change the world as we know it today.d

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