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Boxabl Tiny Homes On Display In Mesquite

Boxabl founder Gliano Tiramani stands in a Boxable Casita that is currently on display at the Mesquite Plaza. Mesquite City Council is considering approving a development of Boxabl homes on city-owned property. PHOTO BY BOBBIE GREEN/The Progress

A throng of City officials and media converged at the Mesquite Plaza parking lot on Thursday, Sept. 22, for the introduction of a local exhibition of Boxabl homes by its founder Galiano Tiramani.

The 375 square foot Boxabl Home, generally known as a “tiny home,” was set up for display to the public until October 13. The home is open for viewing each day from 7 AM to 7 PM.

According to Tiramani the Boxabl Home is a new concept. The ‘Casita’ that is on display in the plaza is a well-constructed box home that can be stacked and connected to, adding other rooms. It can grow with a family as needed.

It is a bit, well, boxy on the outside. But it’s very impressive on the inside. It features full size refrigerator, a dishwasher, a microwave and a range/oven. It is also equipped with a large shower, full size doors and windows and high ceilings at 9 ft, 6 in.

The Boxabl is currently being considered by Mesquite City Council, as a partial solution to an ongoing workforce housing shortage.

“The council is going to consider re-zoning some city owned land to accommodate the Boxabl Houses,” said Mesquite Mayor Al Litman. “Boxabl has made a development proposal for a prospective Boxabl community.”

Boxabl is proposing a two-phase approach to solve the housing supply issue. Phase one will be a 20-acre proof of concept community. Phase two will be a multi-stage rollout of multiple communities across 500 acres. These communities can be studio, one- or two-bedroom homes.

Boxable Homes is based in Las Vegas with a large warehouse and a largely automated production line.

“Our homes are energy efficient because of building material used, more so than your regularly built homes,” Tiramani stated. “They can handle a snow load or a second story.”

The units arrive on site ready to go with a set up time of only about two-hours. With unique fold-down walls, the homes can be transported without special permits. “You could transport one yourself on a full-size pick-up-truck,” Tiramani said.

Relating to the proposal made to the city Tiramani said, “Our homes come architecturally neutral from the factory. After placement they can be customized, with roof pitches, decks, landscaping and so on.” What’s more the units are quite affordable. For a casita similar to that on display in Mesquite Plaza, the cost is around $60,000.

Boxabl is a new company with big plans. They feel their unique building concept will go a long way to help solve the affordable home shortage, Tiramani said.

“Should Mesquite accept our proposal for the first Boxable community, Mesquite would be number one on our production list and focus to get the community built,” said Tiramani.

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