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Elon Musk Confirms He Owns a $50,000 Boxabl Casita Tiny Home Prototype

Give a regular person a couple of million of dollars and probably among the first things he or she would splurge on will be a fancier home than the one they currently have. Give Elon Musk a couple of hundred of billions, and he’s actually downsizing.

Following more than a year of intense speculation as to whether the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is really calling a tiny, very cheap, prefabricated house “home,” Musk himself is setting the record straight: yes, he does own a Boxabl Casita. Yes, it’s awesome and yes, he did occasionally spend extended periods inside it.

Elon Musk did the Fullsend podcast some hours ago, so if you have 3 hours to spare (give or take a few minutes), check it out below. Since he doesn’t do interviews that often, it’s a must-see for anyone with even a mild interest in EVs, space exploration, Neuralink, AI, or Musk’s random but interesting thoughts on a variety of topics, including Russia, WW3, and repopulation. Among the many, many topics discussed, Musk also set the record straight about the report that he lived in a Boxabl Casita prefab house.

As it happens, the rumor was started by Musk himself, who tweeted that he was living in a $50K prefab house that he was renting out from SpaceX. In a later tweet, he denied living in the Casita, saying his main base was a cheap home. Contrary to what everyone assumed at the time, both of these things can be true: at the 41.35-minute mark in the video below, Musk says that he owns a prototype Boxabl Casita, but his main base is a 2-bedroom house that he bought on the cheap, for $45,000.

Still, he does spend time in the Casita, and he still considers it a cool product. These days, though, he uses it as a guest house, when he has people coming over: the rest of the time, his Boca Chica house is enough. The Casita has a barbecue pit in the backyard, so it’s perfect for hang-outs, he further explains. He even celebrated his birthday last year in it, with a very small circle of friends.

The Casita, which we had a more thorough look at in a previous coverstory, is from startup Boxabl, which is based in Las Vegas and has plans to revolutionize the housing industry with this “instant home.” Offered in different sizes and different layouts according to budget, each Casita will have one common element: it can be set up in an hour with minimal fuss and will come with every comfort creature included. Last but not least, it will be cheap, with the most basic model starting at $50,000.

Deliveries for the Casita have not yet started, and it is believed only three such units have been completed so far, Elon’s included.

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