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How to Get Elon Musk’s $50K Boxabl Home for Yourself

The billionare spends most of his time in a studio about the size of a two car garage. Here's why. by Sal Vaglica8.12.2021

Sure, Elon Musk can live anywhere in the world, but the tech billionaire shacks up in a tiny house about the size of a two-car garage near SpaceX in Boca Chica, TX. But being Elon Musk, this is no ordinary tiny house. The Casita by Boxabl is an energy-efficient, low maintenance 375-square-foot prefab that’s delivered on the back of a semi-truck and craned in place. The roughly 20×20-foot cube is move-in ready within hours, and starts at around $49,500.

Compact, the studio-like floor plan includes a full-size kitchen with standard-sized appliances and a full bathroom on one side, and a living room and bedroom on the other. The waitlist for this tidy, energy-efficient, box house is roughly 50,000 orders strong. Why the interest? Boxable builds Casitas to be pretty bombproof: The walls are made from steel, concrete, and insulating foam so rot resistance and energy efficiency are built-in. The walls, floors, and roof are strong enough to resist hurricane-force winds and snow loads. Because there isn’t any wood lumber or drywall, you won’t have to worry about mold if it floods—the house drains itself like water shoe.

Order one and a semi hauling the house along with a crane will drop it off and unfold the house in about a day with all of the components inside—from windows to kitchen cabinets. But you’ll need to prep the foundation first and plan to have utilities hook it up (unless you’re living off the grid).

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