Mass Production Building System

Boxabl has created a building system that's compatible with scalable factory mass production. Our mission is to significantly lower the cost of homeownership for everyone. Obsessively designed to the highest standards of quality, strength, and sustainability to last for generations.


A better way to build

Most car factories like Ford or Tesla build approximately one car per minute. Isn’t it time we do that for houses? Boxabl’s goal is to scale up production and one day make that a reality.

We're offering a better, sustainable, and cost-effective way to build everything from houses to commercial buildings. While most buildings are still built by hand, one at a time, we hope that our building system can change this and bring building construction into the factory.

In 2020 we started raising money from investors to build a new type of house factory, we did just that, and now we are shipping houses.

We have proven our ability to execute, now we want to take things to the next level.

We are now seeking to raise $1.07 billion dollars to build the world's largest and most advanced housing factory to make upscale housing affordable for everyone.

($500m Reg D equity, $500m debt, $70m Reg A+)


Housing construction is stuck in the past


Demand for accessory dwelling units is growing*.

Backyard accessory dwelling units (ADU) are increasing in popularity in California and other places due to new laws that streamline the permitting process and allow construction in more places (Source). We have already received interest from customers for Casitas that will far exceed our ability to supply product for the next several years.


A factory for mass-produced housing

We have made it possible to mass-produce housing in a factory through shipping and manufacturing innovations. Our room module, the Casita, folds up to a shippable dimension, and upon arrival unfolds and sets up to a complete house in just a few hours. It's a strong, sustainable, and safer type of building.

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