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The Rapid Shelter Innovation Showcase shelters to curb growing homelessness amid the pandemic.

On any given night in Los Angeles County, more than 66,000 people are sleeping on the streets. That number is expected to grow amid rising unemployment, increasing evictions, and the pandemic’s interruption of dozens of planned homeless housing projects. In a bid to safely bring the unhoused public indoors, Los Angeles–based nonprofit The Housing Innovation Collaborative (HICo) has launched The Rapid Shelter Innovation Showcase—an open-source, online platform for rapidly deployable shelter solutions to the homeless crisis worsened by COVID-19.

New Las Vegas startup Boxabl submitted Boxabl Casita, a customizable modular ADU that costs approximately $50,000 and can be set up in just one day. The basic 375-square-foot unit is designed for up to four beds.

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