Valley startup saves home builders, buyers time and money

NORTH LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A valley startup used a box to change home construction. Boxabl is a Las Vegas-based startup that created walls, floors, windows and ceilings in an easy to assemble box.

"The part of the build that our product replaces traditionally costs a builder $60 a square foot,” said Galiano Tiramani with Boxabl’s business development team. “We're able to manufacture that for $21 a square foot. And that's all with way higher ratings and features you'd get on a traditional home."

Creators Paolo and Galiano Tiramani said the homes can withstand hurricane winds, wildfires and even bugs. The product wouldn’t be going to consumers though, instead Boxabl is opting for a business to business approach. Developers are able to select floor plans and designs. By providing developers with a easy to assemble rooms, Boxabl said its product cuts down on labor and costs that could be passed down to home buyers.

"You have guys out there with a hammer and nails in the field building by hand. So we're taking that whole process out of the field and elements and putting it into a factory," said Galiano.

The company only has one prototype located in North Las Vegas. The company said it’s campaigning to raise $30 for a plant to manufacture Boxabl rooms. The facility expected to be located in North Las Vegas.

"We're in the process of filling a major need for folks,” said Paolo. “Our ultimate objective is to lower the cost of housing because it is too high."

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