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You Can Now Invest in Boxabl on StartEngine

This incredibly anticipated raise is now live! Boxabl has been making waves in the startup world recently because it’s easily one of the highest-profile companies to raise through equity crowdfunding. I also don’t know of a company that has ever raised at a valuation of over $3 Billion, and this will definitely be the largest non-accredited Reg A raise to max out, should they do so. I will be looking to make a more in-depth article about the valuation, finances, investability, and more of the company later today, so make sure to check back for that, and subscribe to get my emails!

If you are looking to invest, here is the link to check out their campaign:

About Boxabl

Boxabl is currently on its 4th equity crowdfunding campaign, with the first starting at the low ~$100m mark. It's now raising money at the $3 billion mark, which might not be as bad as it sounds. They are currently raising $1Bn in total for their financing plan to build a large, fully modular factory. They currently have $1Bn+ in pre-orders and produce about 2 houses a day, with plans to ramp up to 4 this year and begin looking at franchises next year.

Each house represents about $50,000 in revenue currently, but that will likely change when they are able to add special features for people to purchase and upgrade. They have already produced 100+ houses this year which means they are sitting on revenues of about $10,000,000 and could be as much as $36.5m if they keep the current pace. If they are able to ramp up to 4 by July, they could break $50,000,000 revenue this year alone.

I say that simply to say that while $3bn is a massive valuation, it might not be that bad for a company with such massive growth. They have over $1Bn in pre-orders so they still have a massive run-way and some brief tweet exchanges, as well as one of the first Boxabls sitting on Elon Musks Starbase, has provided sufficient hype and interest to keep the momentum going.

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