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Can I invest in Boxabl?
Yes, we are raising money from investors to fund our growth. Learn more about investing per requirements at

Do you have other sizes and floor plans?
Not yet, but we plan to in the future. Boxabl is a building system that can build almost any style of home. Different modules stack and connect to build anything. New Box sizes might be 20x20, 20x30, 20x40, 20x60. We will announce those new room modules with different floor plans ASAP.

When will Boxabl be available?
Due to massive interest in the Casita, we have a long waitlist and it's possible that new customers might have to wait at least a year.  We are a new company and just finished setting up Factory 1, and beginning setup of Factory 2 in Las Vegas. These factories should be able to produce thousands of Casitas per year... but we aren't stopping there. We have big plans to expand our manufacturing capacity by setting up larger and more automated factories and we hope that will enable us to eventually keep up with demand. The Boxabl vision is to solve world housing issues by mass producing buildings faster and at a lower cost than anyone has done before, but unfortunately, that can't happen overnight. Thanks for bearing with us as we get up to speed. 

Please get your name on the waitlist and we will reach out with next steps ASAP.

How much is shipping?
We can ship these anywhere in the world. A rough budget might be $3-$10/mile from Las Vegas.

Can you ship international?
If you pay the shipping, we will ship it to you anywhere. Please get on the waitlist.

Does Boxabl set up the house?
Boxabl only sells room modules. We will connect you with a Boxabl certified and state licensed installer in your area.

What happens when I reserve?
Your name will be added to list of interested customers. When we are ready we will reach out to you to discuss next steps. The Casita product is receiving a lot of attention, so we suggest you get your name on the waitlist ASAP. 

How much will it cost to setup a Boxabl?
The Boxabl Casita is fast and easy to setup. Whats not included in that price of the Casita is your land and site setup. This can include utility hookups, foundation, landscaping, permits, and more. Depending on your location and the complexity of your site, this cost can range anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000.

Can you finance?
Yes! Boxabl will be connecting customers with our financing partners. Many loan options will be available. Before we finalize your Box order our financing partners will reach out to you to discuss loan options. It's likely you can finance your Boxabl with a traditional 30 year mortgage.

What are these made of?
Casitas are made from steel, concrete and EPS foam. These are building materials that don’t degrade and will last a lifetime. The walls, floor and roof are structurally laminated panels that are much stronger than the average building.

Are they wind resistant?
Yes, Casitas are rated for hurricane speed winds. They can handle the worst wind conditions in North America.

Are they flood resistant?
Boxabl doesn't use common lumber or sheetrock. The building materials are less likely be damaged by water, and less likely to grow mold

Are they fire resistant?
Nothing is fire proof. But Boxabl was engineered with fire resistance in mind. The interior and exterior of the structure is clad with non combustible materials. We think this means flying embers that spread forest fires won't ignite your Boxabl.

Are they energy efficient?
Boxabl buildings are extremely energy efficient. This is because the high R value insulation, tight building envelope, and limited thermal bridging.

Can they handle snow?
Yes, Casitas are snow load rated.

What codes do they comply with?
Boxabl buildings conform to and exceed the requirements of most any building code. Boxabl will come with state modular approval. Modular approval is great because it reduces local inspections and the plans are pre approved at the state level. We don't have that modular approval just yet but it should be ready soon. Additionally, the Casita product is certified as a "park model RV in accordance with ANSI 119.5 in all 50 states!

Am I allowed to build a Boxabl on my land?
Different areas have different zoning rules. You can try reading rules on your local governments website, but sometimes it can be confusing. Boxabl has partnered with to provide an easy resource for questions about permitting.

Are these manufactured/ trailer/ HUD homes?
No, they are built to a higher code standard than manufactured homes. They are built to modular standards. Boxabl are generally stronger than a traditional site built home.

Is the roof flat?
Boxabl comes stock with a flat roof system. Most areas require a pitched roof. In that case we will provide your installer with roof plans and they will add the roof on site. If you choose the flat roof we recommend adding a gutter system.

Can you customize your Boxabl?
At the moment, we cannot customize any Boxabl. You can modify or customize after your receive it

What is the process to buy a Boxabl?
Add your name to the waitlist, when we are ready to sell you a Casita, we will reach out! We do have a very long waitlist so it might be a while.... We are working hard to increase production and produce more houses to catch up with our waitlist. In the future, we will provide a resource where you can check your local zoning to understand what you are allowed to build, get financing, and be connected with a general contractor/ installer who will give you a quote on install and upgrades.

Is Boxabl a finished house?

Not really. Boxabl sells a room module system that can dramatically shorten build time in a real estate development project. However, setup, install, foundation, utilities, roofing system, and other finishings still need to be added. Boxabl does have a significant level of completion from the factory, like kitchen, bathroom, electric, flooring, windows and more. But it's important to understand that you are not buying a move in ready home. 

How do utilities connect?
Plumbing, electric and HVAC all come pre installed in your Boxabl from the factory. Utilities simply plug in on site to the exterior corner of the Boxabl. See the image below.

Can I have solar or off grid?
You can setup utilities however you want to at your site. Whether it's a water tank, septic or solar panels it will connect the same way to the Boxabl as regular utilities.

How much does a Casita cost?

From now on Casita pricing will be quoted on a case by case basis. Due to record setting inflation and a very long waitlist for Casitas we can no longer promise a fixed price on our website. For example... if you reserve a Casita today, and it takes a year to receive, we don't know how raw material pricing could change a year from now, so we cant lock in a price. When we get to your place in line, we will reach out to confirm pricing and next steps. Even in this frustrating inflationary environment we still believe Boxabl can be the most cost effective housing solution ever.

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